ERC staged peaceful demo in Belgium

Sunday, February 03, 2013  , , ,  No 
Members of The European Rohingya Council (ERC) peacefully demonstrated in front of European Parliament, Brussels, Belgium on January 21 at about 13:00 to 15:00 hrs.
ERC along with other Rohingya organizations worldwide urged EU to urgently send a specialinquiry team to the affected areas in Arakan State and Humanitarian aids to rehabilitate the displaced Rohingya in their own villages and recognize Rohingya as Burmese ethnic group.
ERC, in the Memorandum, mentioned that the systematic genocide against Rohingyas and Kamans is being carried out since 8th June 2012 by Burmese military regime together with Rakhine ultra-racists and extremists. Following are some instances of the atrocities being carried out against them.
2)      Rohingya women and under-aged girls were raped and gang-raped by government forces and Rakhine extremists. Their Properties are being looted and destroyed on daily basis and their mosques and religious places have been sealed off.
4)      No Rohingya students are allowed to attend school since violence against them was started on 8th June 2012.
6)      Humanitarian aids provided to the Rohingyas and Kamans by NGOs. INGOs and others are looted by Burmese authority and Rakhine extremists.
The European Rohingya Council (ERC) calls upon the European Commission to immediately take following actions to prevent further loss of innocent lives.
2)      Lives and properties of Rohingyas in Burma and Arakan must be protected by international bodies including European Commission.
4)      European Commission must create pressure on Burmese government to stop arbitrary arrest of Rohingyas and all detainees must be unconditionally released.
5)      Perpetrator must be brought to justice.

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